(3rd Party Administrator)

TPA’s (Third Party Administrators), and their acquired expertise, have become an important element in the health care field. The success or failure of a special risk Accident, or Accident and Sickness program, in many cases, is dependent on the quality of the claims administration. An effective and diligent claims administration group can mean reductions of up to 50% and higher, in the overall loss ratio.

In addition, the expeditious and courteous handling of claims will greatly ease the job of the school and organization administrators responsible for the insurance coordination. This excellence of service also makes the claims department a part of the “sales” team, since excellence in claims service is directly proportional to policy retention (and referrals!).

Bob McCloskey Insurance has been administering and adjudicating special risk medical claims since 1986, and is now doing all TPA work through the newly formed company, BMI Benefits, LLC. Over that time we have developed and refined an automated claims system which is programmed by account for specific benefits, and is self-adjudicating to those benefits. We have also built in automated controls for time and money limits to eliminate areas of potential error(s). Finally, our claims staff has been trained to be very customer friendly, greatly enhancing business retention potential.

We can provide:

  1. Fully insured plans with TPA services included

  2. SIR (Self Insured Retention) plans

  3. Claims administration for deductible portion of retained, self-funded portion of these plans

  4. ASO (Administrative Services Only) for colleges, and Insurance Companies

For more information on our TPA services, please contact us.


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