Are you and your organization at risk because of your involvement in sports?

Liability Insurance for your league and organization are a must. We live in an extremely litigious society and must constantly protect ourselves against litigation as a result of our volunteer activities. Whether we like it or not, our courts have made us responsible, and we do need protection.

Entities which allow us to use their facilities (schools, towns, fraternal organizations and the like) also require that we be insured, and provide them with certificates of insurance with them as an “additional named insured”.

For many years these entities required a $1,000,000 liability policy. Most now are requiring $2,000,000.

Other areas in which we need protection, and hence, must be covered by the liability policy are host liquor liability (in the event we sponsor dinners or dances which include liquor); products liability; non-owned auto coverage; and consider the potential need for sexual molestation coverage.

We can provide up to $2,000,000 coverage with all the above coverage's available.


1)      Policy should be on “Occurrence” basis; NOT “CLAIMS MADE”—VERY IMPORTANT.

2)      Policy should have all coverage's desired available, even if optional.

3)      Determine the level of accident insurance coverage required by the plan (all these liability policies require underlying accident insurance).

4)      Be sure that there is no athletic participation exclusion. VERY IMPORTANT!



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